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Research and Development in the LWA

The London West Alliance will promote a rigorous, collaborative and sustainable inquiry based research culture in order to develop and evaluate innovative educational practice leading to discernible benefits for our schools and our pupils.
The LWA was involved with National Research Themes R&D Project 2012-2014 led by the National College of Teaching and Leadership; The London Centre for Leadership in Learning; Sheffield Hallam University; and the Institute of Education. The broad theme we were engaged with was professional learning that leads to consistently great pedagogy. Our case study consisted of an exploration of the factors which influenced changes in teachers’ practice and an examination of the role of peer collaboration within the context of such change.

The case study report can be found here

  • Current Projects: Developing a LWA R&D Network

The LWA is in the process of developing an R&D network of initially 6 schools. The aim of the network is to create a systematic and sustainable approach to developing research capacity and capability across the Alliance. In Year 1, each of the 6 schools will nominate a ‘Research Lead’ who will develop and refine their research skills through a research project relevant to the needs of their own school’s context. The Research Leads, however, will constitute a ‘Trans- Alliance’ group who will work collaboratively to enhance their research skills; peer review each other’s work; and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to support others within their school to engage with and in research. In the second year, these Research Leads will then work with at least one other teacher in their school, coaching them through a research project relevant to their own context. These will constitute a second ‘cohort’ of teacher researchers. The aim is this initial network, by Year 3, will become a self- sustaining network, allowing the opportunity to set up another network within the Alliance of 4 or 5 other schools in the 3 year of the programme

To support us with this development, we will be joining the Institute of Education Research and Development Network.

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