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Welcome to the Home Page of the Lampton Teaching School/London West Alliance.  Our alliance of 38 primary and secondary schools stretches from Slough and Hillingdon in West London through to schools in Hackney and Tower Hamlets in East London and now enters its fifth year of operation. We are a Challenge Partners hub, with Lampton as the lead school, and we share the Challenge Partners commitment to ‘genuine collaboration between equals’.

This commitment to collaboration drives the way we operate – with leadership of our work disseminated across the alliance. In times of challenge and educational change, we know that without deep collaboration, we are likely to ‘drown in a sea of mediocrity ’.  You can read an external review of our work as a hub here. The alliance seeks to support system improvement, specifically to:

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Steering Group Meeting – Wed 21st Sep – 8-9.30am
Hub Meeting – Fri 07th Oct – 8-11.30am

Recruitment / retention of:

A. Middle and Senior Leaders


B. High quality teachers


C. Trainees on teacher entry routes


A. Improve effective whole school systems for feedback that demonstrate progress


B. Assessment after levels – moderation between schools/ stages


C. Clarify link between assessment and accountability measures


D. Implementation of the new baseline for Early Years Foundation Stage


E. Link assessment with the revised curriculum

Curriculum and pedagogy

A. Improve challenge for the Gifted and Talented, and develop stretch and challenge for all – especially in the new primary curriculum


B. Develop literacy – especially for boys and extended writing and for higher levels of English As An Additional Language/ Special Educational Needs at Key Stage 1


C. Education for mastery – clarifying and defining especially at Key Stage 3 to support A/A* at GCSE and beyond


D. Improve feedback (oral and written) to improve progress

Leadership and management

A. Develop quality of middle leadership


B. Ensure consistency, reduce in school variation in quality of Teaching & Learning


C. Teaching (and being inspected on) British values and belonging to Britain to reduce risk of extremism


D. Managing the implementation of Progress 8

Achievement and Progress

A. At Key Stage 1


B. Pupil Premium




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